How Big Should Cubbies in a Closet Be

A shoe cubby in your closet usually is at least two rows high, and five to six cubby holes long. Start by figuring out how large your cubby hole will be, Nike Benassi Swoosh Men Army Green Black Malaysia Outlet then count up the number of shoes you plan to store. Add a few cubby holes to allow for expansion of your shoe collection, then design your overall cubby size to fit these needs. Also add space for 2017 Adidas Nmd R2 BA7252 R2 PK Unisex Black White 2017 Malaysia the sidewalls on each cubby hole. If you’re using Air Jordan 3 136064-105 Men Black White Grey 2017 Malaysia/4 inch boards, tack on another 3/4 inch of width for each cubby along the row, and 3/4 inch of height for each cubby row.

You can also use cubbies to store loose items or toys in a child’s closet. In this case a cubby that’s anywhere from 6 to 12 inches square is suitable. Take measurements of the items you want to store, and find an average size on which to base your design. A knickknack cubby is another type of cubby shelf. This is smaller than other types of cubby holes. Typically, these cubbies range from 1 to 12 inches square, Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Essential 819474-003 Men Black White Malaysia Outlet depending on which types of knickknacks you’re storing. Statues tend to take up more space, whereas crystal marbles, for instance, require only about an inch of space.

The depth of the cubby is another consideration. Usually, the cubby is made from either 12 or 16 inch boards, as these are the standard sizes most lumber yards carry. You’ll also find 10 inch widths on boards, however this is a little small for a cubby. Since shoes are about 12 inches long, making your shelves at least 12 inches deep is necessary. Making your cubby deeper creates additional storage space, but will take up more floor space. Consider your space needs and the availability of space inside your closet before making your decision.