Why Canadian universities might want to keep the Madness out of their league

It’s a tale of two leagues.

On one side of the border, athletes fly on private jets. On the other, they often drive themselves to games. One organization has a multi billion dollar broadcast contract. The other says its TV deal isn’t a money maker. will host the Canadian Interuniversity Sport’s Men’s Basketball Final 8, the first time in more than 40 years the championship has been held in Vancouver. sports fans, even while the CIS tournament plays out in their own backyard.

As any college sport administrator, athlete or spectator can tell you, and in the words of four people interviewed for this story, the two tournaments exist in “completely different worlds.”

South of the border, generally speaking, crowds are many times larger, the profile is higher and the money involved is huge.

Many Canadian sports fans would welcome the massive American style production of college hoops and sports in general. And many, including the CIS’s new boss, agree there are lessons to be learned from the NCAA’s successes. collegiate sport into a multi billion dollar behemoth also come with scandals and pitfalls. March Madness and Canadian March mildness come down to money. CIS data shows Canadian universities together provided $16 million in athletic scholarship money to 5,285 CIS student athletes in 2013 14.

That amount had more than doubled over the previous eight years.

But it’s less than one per cent of the $Under Armour UA Charged Phenom 2 Men Black Malaysia Price.Air Jordan 7 GS Hot Lava 442960-106 Women White Black Pink Outlet Malaysia billion in athletic scholarships awarded every year by the NCAA’s member colleges and universities to more than 150,000 student athletes.

In 2013, the sports website Deadspin reported that the highest paid public employees in 39 American states were the head coaches of the largest state school’s football or basketball teams, some of whom earn upwards of $5 million a year.

In 2010, CBS Sports signed an agreement with NCAA to broadcast the Division 1 Nike LeBron XII Men Green Orange Malaysia Online‘s Basketball Championship from 2011 through 2024 for more than $10.8 billion.

Yes, that’s billion, with a “b.”

The CIS is in the middle of its own six year broadcast deal with Sportsnet.

While the financial terms of the deal are not public, CIS spokesman Michel Belanger said it’s a “completely different world” from the multi billion dollar CBS contract.

“We’re doing it for the visibility right now,” Belanger said.

“Let’s put it this way: It’s not a money maker.”

A 2013 academic article by University of Toronto grad student and athlete Natalie Geiger comparing CIS and NCAA scholarships found that the average annual value of an NCAA Division 1 full scholarship ranges from $15,000 (for an instate public institution) to $35,000 (for a private institution).

Meanwhile, CIS scholarships are limited to tuition and compulsory fees, and in the largest conference (Ontario University Athletics), the set maximum that an eligible student athlete can receive is $4,500 annually.

Wealthy, powerful boosters have been caught making illicit payments to young athletes and their families, and major universities have been hit with sanctions for widespread academic fraud.

This month, 2017 Adidas Nmd New Arrived S79166 Unisex White Malaysia Online York Times columnist Michael Powell wrote about Keith Frazier, a star basketball recruit at Southern Methodist University in Texas who’s “at the centre of an academic scandal” that led the NCAA to ban SMU from this year’s postseason and suspend its Hall of Fame coach.

Powell reported: “Frazier’s walk up and tumble down the stairs of big time high school and college basketball kicks open a door to the corruption and neglect that characterize the educational lives of too many elite athletes. This pervasive corruption extends from Division 1 colleges down into the high school and amateur ranks.”


Pasha Bains has insight into the difference between CIS and NCAA, having played college ball on both sides of the border. After leading Richmond Secondary School to back to back provincial championships in 1997 and 1998, Bains headed to Clemson University in South Carolina.