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Archer Online

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Archer is an animated television series depicting the fate of the employees of the Secret Intelligence Agency (SIA). One of them is the title character Sterling Archer, a secret agent who is very polite, but also very vain and self-confident. Archer has a little male nickname for an agent – Duchess. Besides, he does not get much in his life except being a spy. He is full of obscene and absurd humor. His relationship with his mother – Malory, who is also the boss, are tense. Malory, does not avoid alcohol and likes to criticize everyone around. In the series, there are also other forms of Lana Kane of SIS, and the agent was a girl Archer, gustujÄ…ca in adult films, butler Archer – although Woodhouse and Lana’s new boyfriend – SIA accountant, Cyril. Every secret action and global crisis are just another excuse for SIA employees to undermine, sabotage and cheat others – for their own benefit.


H. Jon Benjamin – Sterling Archer

Judy Greer – Cheryl Tunt

Amber Nash – Pam Poovey

Chris Parnell – Cyril Figgis

Aisha Tyler – Lana Kane

Jessica Walter – Malory Archer

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