How to Find the Best Hino Service in Ontario

By Rosen

Are you looking for the best Hino service in Ontario? If so, it can seem like it’s a bit overwhelming. There are so many providers of service and it just seems impossible to sort through them all. But follow these tips to find the best service for your Hino truck:

Look for award-winning service. Hino hands out awards to the best service providers, and this is an indication of the high quality of service you can expect from these providers. Tri Truck Centre, for example, recently won an award from hino motor sales indonesia for the service they provide. That award isn’t something that Hino hands out lightly.

Make sure that the service provider you take your truck to can replace any necessary parts as quickly as possible. This means finding a service centre that has a very extensive inventory. If they carry a lot of parts, then you can rest assured that they can do the work quickly because they probably already have the part in stock. Not having to wait for a part to be delivered can save you valuable time on the road, and when you’re driving a truck, every moment that you aren’t moving forward is another moment you aren’t getting paid.

A large service centre is better than a small one. You might think that there is charm to a smaller shop, but you will probably have to wait longer for service. Look for a shop that has at least 10 service bays, if not more. The greater the number of service bays they have, the less likely you will have to spend your valuable time waiting for them to be able to get to your truck.

Find out their technician to apprentice ratio. Some shops try to skate by with just a few technicians and more apprentices, who they don’t have to pay as much. In reality, you should expect no more than one apprentice for every three licensed technicians.

Look at how many technicians they have and compare it to the number of service bays they have. Sometimes a service provider might have plenty of service bays, but they don’t have enough technicians to work them. The whole idea is to load up one truck in a bay while the technician is working on a truck in the next bay. That way there is absolutely no time wasted because the trucks can be put in and removed from the other bay while the technician is working on the truck in the other bay.

Keeping these tips in mind will really help you find the best HINO service provider. It doesn’t hurt to look for some extra features as well, like a mobile service truck that can get to your truck, no matter where it has broken down.

To find the best Hino Service in Ontario, look for Tri Truck Centre. They have just received an award for their Hino services, which include:

Full service location with 12 bays

Six licensed techs and two apprentices

Factory-trained technicians who are also trained on all areas of light, medium, and heavy duty trucks

Reporting and testing for diesel emissions

M.O.T. inspections and annual safety inspections

A mobile service truck that comes to you when you can’t come to our location

An extensive inventory that contains parts for light and medium duty trucks

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